Wednesday, April 2, 2008


During our outing on the Dungeness Spit today, Rebekah and I sat down on a huge log for a bit to take in the sights and sounds of the incredible beauty that surrounded us. Blues and whites were so very crisp and fresh in the brightness of the cloudless sky above us. Waves caressed the shore as rhythmically as a heart beat. The breeze felt like a whisper or a breath from the unseen.
As we sat, each with our own thoughts and reflections, my mind started on a journey. The feeling I had, at that moment, was a very familiar one and I realized that every time I find myself in the 'elements' - surrounded by Nature - I want to stay. I never want to leave no matter if I'm by the ocean, by a lake, by a river, in the forest or in a field - I LOVE to be there and the thought of leaving makes my heart ache.
When I am surrounded by Nature, I am surrounded by the handiwork of God. Everything He does is good, orderly, peaceful and permanent. Its not going anywhere; its not in a hurry to change; it doesn't put pressure on me for anything; it is constant. God's creation mirrors His very life and all that He is and when I am there, there is peace and confidence in my soul that all is well. All is in His care.
Then I thought, this is an encounter with God! I love to be here. I have read that the life pursuit of a few extraordinary people in history has been to take that experience and keep it with them on a moment by moment basis - in their everyday life. No matter what life looks like at any given point in time, their hearts will be found resting in the settledness of the goodness, the rightness, the peace of God. Their hearts would look at their circumstances and declare triumphantly, "What have I to fear? God can and will take care of it all!" - because He has promised that He will take care of all of His creation until the end of time - ALL of His creation! He will keep the seasons rotating like clockwork. He will keep the oceans in their boundaries. He will even feed the little birds, and give flowers their beauty, always. But, He also said that He loves us much more than everything else He created, and He will take care of us, always.
How easy it is to be distracted by the things that press us day to day. How easy it is to think that everything depends on us - our power, our resources, our strength - and forget Who is most powerful, most resourceful, most strong! We forget He sees the beginning from the end, and that He has a plan that far exceeds our wildest imaginings and that He is always at work on our behalf to bring good things into our lives!
I came away from the Spit with more desire than ever to watch for the evidence of His care for me; to wait in peace for His promises to come to light regardless of what any given moment presents. My encouragement to you today is, keep looking for His goodness, and when you find it, don't let go of it in your heart! Carry it with you always, and let it be a reminder of His good will for your life too!

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