Friday, March 28, 2008

Some gifts keep on giving and bouquets of flowers are among the top in that list!
Last Monday, Mar.17, some sweet person sent a bouquet of gorgeous flowers to me. It was full of intense fresh color that seemed to pull you in so they could show-off the incredible fragrance of that Lily which had opened itself up in complete abandon. I've never seen a more beautiful combination of pinks, purples, and reds - all coming from a blue based color palette.
The card said, "You are a blessing" -- and it was sent anonymously, leaving me with lots of questions! Who did I bless? How did I bless them? Did they know how much this bouquet would bless me?
The surprise on Monday was huge, but every day the bouquet gave a surprise! The flowers maintained their fresh look and even by Friday, were still giving, by opening up a second beautiful Lily! Then on Wednesday - 10 days later - the third Lily came out to greet me with as much beauty and fragrance as its two vase companions had.
I have received more joy from this gift than usual. I still don't know who the special person was that sent it, but I think they must have been part of a Godly plan to show me His great beauty and love! The creation of these flowers and their ability to bless my heart, inspired me deeply. If flowers, which were created by God, can bless someone like me so very much, how much more can I (or anyone else), created by the same God, bless others!
Thank you, Anonymous One! ! ! I pray you will be blessed many times over! ! !

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