Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Quotes from Beth Moore's study on Esther

I am in a Bible Study with some women from our church. It is a Beth Moore study on the book of Esther. In the homework today, there is a couple of sentences I'd like to share:

" Sometimes God reserves the right to tell us what happened without telling us how He reacted to it. God is so wholly secure in His own spotless integrity that He feels perfectly comfortable giving us an account of something without making Himself accountable to us. We can always rest utterly assured that God never compromises His holiness or sighs at sin."

Another one:
"Even those most serious about their pursuit of God and godliness fail to be perfect examples all the time.... The mystery is not that an earthly hero can still be flawed and fall to cultural pressures but that God, in His mercy, chooses at times to retain only the snapshots He took when they were standing firm."

And one from the video lesson:
"You cannot amputate your history from the fulfillment of your destiny." - When I am in Jesus, my past is something He takes hold of and makes it into a destiny. That's called redemption!


Anonymous said...

Praise God, I am doing the bible study now and it is magnificent to be able to study with other woman!

Anonymous said...

Love the CDs, am listeing to the series now. Learning and applying so much on waiting on the Lord, obedience, and breaking free from fear, not to mention celebrity worship, and trusting God to reverse destiny.
Rich and colorful in the by-women-for-women retelling of the Book of Esther. Grateful for God's blessing my heart through this season in my life. Coming to recognize through this study that the trial I am in is designed by God and is being used by God 'for such a time as this'.

Theresa said...

I found your blog because I, too, am studying the book of Esther. I was looking for a quote.

Just thought I'd leave a comment.

Happy Easter, sister!


babybs said...

I would love to do this study but haven't found a group locally doing it. Currently I am in the middle of Beth Moore's study The Patriarchs and it too is awesome!I am a "new" Christian and hungry for enrichment. Enjoy your study and bless you!