Saturday, January 10, 2009


Life is made up of choices. Every moment, I choose what to do with my life. Even the writing of this post is a choice I make; when I get up and move into another part of my day, it is a choice.
Everyday consists of choice, after choice, after choice.
Choices are linked together. No single choice stands alone. The choice I make at this moment is added to a 'pile' of similar choices I've made before, or it is a choice based on experience and/or information that results in my wanting to change the 'pile' and start a new one. But, even that new choice is still linked. It is linked to the old pile because of its association with the reason for the choice.
The 'piles' of choices are commonly referred to as habits - habits of behavior, habits of thinking, etc. I may choose to spend my pay check as soon as it is deposited in the bank. At some point, I may need some extra cash and realize the foolishness of my choices because all my cash is gone! That will motivate me to make a new choice - put some money into savings. The new choice is still linked to the old pile because both piles have 'how I use my money' in common.
Over time, it seems the piles take on an energy of their own - like in the process that happens to piles of vegetation that are left in the garden or in Landscaping Yards. 'Composting' is the result of energy produced as air and moisture interact with the bacteria and decay in the leaves, bark and soil in the pile. In the landscaping companies yards, piles of mulch will begin to steam or smoke because of the heat that builds up in the center of the piles and if not rearranged or stirred up, the process can accelerate into a fire.
Sometimes, I recognize when a pile of choices I've made is producing energy and I feel myself heading for sure destruction (in that area affected by my poor choices) or toward sure reward!
Some piles give off a dreadful stench as they compost, while other piles give off the most heavenly fragrance.
I want that heavenly fragrance. That's what I want people to breathe when they come close to my life and its piles. I want all that I do to be a pleasing aroma to the Lord - an offering of incense.
Lord, help me to make wise choices today. I yield my desires to You. Not my will, but Yours, oh God.

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