Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Michael Molinos

In the introduction to his book, "The Spiritual Guide" - 1675, Michael Molinos states,
"I have not written a particularly stylish book here. My only aim has been to teach naked truths, and that with all humility, sincerity and clearness. In this book I will not try to define or defend the Lord's ways."
In 1687, there went out a Papal Decree that "Anyone found in possession of this book will be excommunicated." Within 6 years of its release, the book had 'gone around the world', being translated into every language in Western Europe and its impact so great that in Napels, Italy, as many as 20,000 Christians were reported to have gathered in small groups to practice inward prayer. Michael Molinos ended up sealed in a dungeon. His life, being so controversial, that even today it is understood that the Vatican will not release the transcript of his (secret) trial.
All of the above information is gathered from a 1982 copy of Michael's book, printed in modern English by the Seed Sowers publishing company.

While I admit that I do not understand all that Michael Molinos discusses and that some of what he says I argue with in my soul, all of what he has written is born out of a heart that is filled with Divine Love - to the great measure I have no way of fathoming. There are things he's written that show how very immature my spiritual life is and how much I am affected by my feelings, intellect and fleshly responses.

Allow me to quote 3 small passages that I've been meditating on:

"Enjoyment and inner peace are the fruits of the Divine Spirit. No man lays hold of these two elements unless he finds them in the depths of his spirit, and unless he resigns all things that come into his life as being from the hand of God.

Keep silent and let your conversation be something that is internal. Deny and put to death your self-nature by not judging ill of anyone at any time. Your suspicion of your neighbor troubles the purity of your heart; suspicion and criticism disquiet the heart; they bring the believer out of the realm of the spirit and take away his rest.

You will never be fully resigned to the will of God if you are troubled by human opinion of you, or if you make for yourself a little idol of what people say."


vrajesh said...

I reached you from Ivar Kraft's latest post.Thankl you for your blog.I will read you regularly.

Diane said...

Thank you vrajesh! I look at yours almost everyday! You've shown me many new things - thank you!

Sidney Trobairitz said...

Amazing that such love should be so threatening that such a man would be bricked up; but then, no distractions for him, just the presence of his beloved.