Thursday, January 15, 2009

Peace that Surpasses All Understanding

These are peaceful days. There is no hurry. There are no pressures.
Life is still going on - but, I'm not caught up in the momentum.
My heart craves alone time with the Lord. My mind is still.
This began about 3 weeks ago. At one point, I was filled with an awareness of God's presence all around and all through me and it arrested me. I've run to Him, stayed with Him many times a day for hours at a time.
When I contemplate writing - He is there.
When I write - He is there.
When I am in conversation - He is there.
When I lie down or rise up - He is there.
The shadow of His wings are over me and
I know - He is there.
I can't explain all that it has done in me - music is flowing and my skill has increased! My mind is quiet but my heart is full! I am awake more hours and never felt so rested! The cares of this world are still present, but they are not within me - they are with Him!
"His banner over me is love." - Song of Solomon 2:4
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1 comment:

Sidney Trobairitz said...

And how to keep that precious presence! I should say, to be aware, always, that the Beloved is at hand.