Saturday, January 24, 2009


Can anyone tell me why my Captivating Woman Blog 'disappeared' from viewing on Internet Explorer? It can be viewed through Mozilla. If you know anything about this kind of issue - I'd really appreciate your input. Thank you!


Earl and Deb said...

Hi Diane,
I wondered what had happened to you. What is Mozilla? When I couldn't get your site up, I tried other Blogspots and had no trouble. Glad to see your posting. See you tomorrow. Debbi

ivars krafts said...

I can see today's post, "HELP", but nothing below it. I'm using Safari on an iMac.
When I switched to my PC running Firefox, I have no problem accessing your blog and going back to earlier posts.

Diane said...

I'm sorry Ivars - that's the way it is in my computer too - in Internet Explorer. I even tried (heavens! like I have time for this!) to 'repost' the articles from Mozilla to Int.Ex. - no doin'! Thank you for updating me - I really appreciate it and am glad that you can get to it in some way. Bless you!

Richard said...

Firefox works here too. Explorer...NOT. My son has problems on his site with it changing to another site when you open it. Can't find anything wrong with his HTML code and he's cleaned everything out of computer. So, safe to say that it is an IE problem. Heard that had a problem with a parasite.