Friday, January 16, 2009

For months, when I would go to Costco, I have resisted the temptation to buy an item they had begun carrying. EVERY TIME, I passed by them and I would hesitate. No one knew, except me, how much I wanted to buy some – but, reason and logic would always kick in and I’d leave the warehouse without them. Well, a couple of days ago, I gave in, and of course, right away – at the checkout counter – I was on the receiving end of teasing - which, is fine. I just thought it was funny, because the way the young guy was carrying on, you’d think I had bought a bag every time I went in there and he was only too willing to help me eat them! Once I'm in my van, I realize there is a complication. When I get this bag of Snyder’s Chocolate Dipped Pretzels home, it is possible that I won’t even see one, because there are 5 other people who live here who would gladly help me eat them, too! And, its uncanny how they seem to know when I’ve brought home a treat – that’s when they show up and the goodies disappear! So, I was thinking, “I’ll put them in my bedroom on my desk” that way, at least, I’ll get a handful before the bag is devoured by the other chocolate lovers in the house. And that’s where the bag landed – right on my desk. The next day, each person seemed to make their way into my room while I was sitting at my desk. Each one casually looked at the bag – Interested? Definitely! Opened? Not!
On went the day - I’
d just smile, not saying much of anything, watching all of their expressions, until…. Jeff, my husband, came home from work and found me writing at my desk. You guessed it! Like everyone before him, he noticed the bag and was intrigued. He even poked it! He was even bold enough to ask, “What’s this doing here?” with a kidding tone in his voice. He had to ask because he knows that I am not in the habit of bringing quantities of food into my bedroom. I started laughing and was feeling a bit cheeky, you could say. I told him how I had resisted these things since they first came out in Costco, and how I’d wanted to be sure to get at least one before the whole bag disappeared into thin air. I was not prepared for his response, “Well, hurry up then, and get one!”
I laughed so hard, but the REAL funny part is that the bag is STILL unopened on my desk! I can’t tell you why, but there it sits – intact. I think its time to celebrate - anyone for a chocolate covered pretzel?


Rebekah said...

YEAH! Can I come join you?

ivars krafts said...

I think today may be the day!

Anonymous said...

LOL--too cute!!

Greg Silsby said...

Can't afford the ferry fare on the way to Sequim, but think I feel a trip to Costco coming on. I'm sure many of us can relate to your well-told account.