Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Snow Surprise

Its 10:50 pm and I came out to get my snack. Earlier, I'd been in my room doing stuff on the computer and thought that I'd heard it pouring outside.
I checked the fridge for milk and saw that there was none. That's ok - I know there's another gallon in our spare fridge in the garage. I went to go outside and I couldn't believe my eyes! ! ! It hadn't been raining - it has been snowing! ! ! - and there is quite a bit of it out there already and its coming down like crazy! It was so 'out of the blue' that I laughed out loud on my way down the steps.
What a surprise!

I got the milk first and then came in to get my
camera ---

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Connie said...

We had a very unexpected snow last night - Wednesday - it is pretty! We are rather eager for lots of spring and warmer days!