Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Glory of God in YOU

One day the Pharisees asked Jesus,
“When will the Kingdom of God come?”
Jesus replied,
“The Kingdom of God can’t be detected by visible signs.
You won’t be able to say, ‘Here it is!’ or ‘It’s over there!’
For the Kingdom of God is already within you.”
Luke 17:20-21

When you are filled with the realization that the glory of God is not something that you have to seek after, but it is actually evidenced in you because of His creation of you and His indwelling presence in you; then, and only then, are you free to be all that He has created you to be and to live in that glorious life you long for. Then, and only then, will you stop looking for reciprocity of affection and will be whole enough to love without expectation of receiving anything from the one you are loving. Then, and only then, can you live and move in complete freedom because of the confidence of His love for you and of His joy in you.
This is a hard realization and one that comes into focus clearly some times more than others.
Contentment, true satisfaction and fulfillment is found in knowing the delight of the Father over you! Enjoy the freedom of being YOU and watch what a powerful impact His glory, seen in YOU, can have on everyone around you! Captivating is the only way to describe your experience and the affect of your life on others when you are joined with God's purpose for your life.


Greg Silsby said...

What a humbling thought, the concept that Father takes delight in us. The Creator delighting in His creation. And what a joy to see God working His purpose in our lives for His glory.

Diane said...

AMEN! Its a life changing revelation, isn't it? and I agree, a pure joy to witness!

Sidney Trobairitz said...

We do lean on roles, though, don't we? It's only lately that I feel this freedom to be, no matter the responses, because I do finally feel full in Christ and content. But I confess, I owe a lot to my wonderful friends.

Diane said...

Yes, Sidney, the role of friends who can point out to you the wonderful things that God has put within you is a valuable possession! How I thank the Lord for every person that has come into my life and shown me what they see - and I have the joy of doing that for others today! Love you!