Friday, February 27, 2009

Meeting With Him

There is one thing I ask of the LORD,
For this I long,
To live in the house of the LORD,
To savor the sweetness of the LORD,
To behold his temple.
O LORD, hear my voice when I call;
Have mercy and answer.
Of you my heart has spoken:
“Seek God’s face.”
Psalm 27:4,7,8,13,14

Everything in our lives, that is of God, is from God. Our very desire for Him comes from Him. Any spiritual life inside of us comes from the life of His Spirit dwelling within us. Any good fruit in our lives is really the fruit of the Holy Spirit.

The more our hearts seek Him, the more He will reveal Himself to us. If we search for Him with our whole heart, He promised that He will be found.

It is only in the place of being alone together, that two lovers can begin to grow in areas of intimacy with each other. It takes longing and time for the two to become vulnerable – able to reveal and share the depths of who they are - knowing that the other will fully accept and value what is within their person.

We are the Bride of Christ and we should not be surprised that as our Lover, He desires time alone with us. He does not reveal His sweetness, His beauty, His deep love when there is no real appreciation for it in another. And, when He finds us alone, seeking Him, desiring Him, looking for Him in order to find what is concealed in His heart, He comes…

It is always His choice to come. We cannot make Him come. There is nothing we can do to force His arrival. He chooses when to come. We may not experience His presence initially, but He will come. He has promised that He would – because He loves us. In reality, He loves us more than we will ever be able to love Him and He knows that!

Still, He longs to share intimacy with us and when He does come, our hearts overflow with thanksgiving and responsive love toward Him!
We worship Him.
We adore Him.
We enjoy the safety of His full knowledge of us which is covered by His love, His mercy, His grace.

For us to experience Him in this way, we must find the time to wait for Him and seek His face, His heart, His Spirit. Sitting alone, in silence allows our spirits to make a place to welcome Him.

As we pray, not asking for anything but His presence; as we try to think only of Him, we can be easily distracted because of the many thoughts that pass through our minds that are not connected to or about Him at all. This will reveal our own hearts and the many ways we are in need of Him. Just keep coming back to waiting for Him. Don’t give up the pursuit of His face so easily.

I assure you, it is worth the wait. There is nothing sweeter than being consumed by His love. There is nothing that affects who we are so deeply than to be with Him in all His goodness. When we come away from the bridal chamber, we are never the same again. His life has been imparted to us, implanted in us, and then, and only then, will He be seen in us!

May you be filled with joyful expectation, great anticipation of meeting with Him in the quiet.


jeff said...

Your words have captured the simplicity of our relating to God. All He desires is that He be with us and we with Him.... now, in this life. This is in preparation for the next. Thank you for the reminder in a deep and uncomplicated manner.


Diane said...
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Diane said...

Thank you for your comment, Jeff. Yes, its not easy to keep this simple, but it really is that simple.

Anonymous said...

What a perfect comparison~I had never realized the similarity. I hope you are doing well!

Diane said...

Hi Katherine! Yes, I am doing better, thank you. Bless you as you continue to 'Meet With Him' :)