Saturday, February 21, 2009

Peace in Him Alone

I went to Costco. I tried to smile, but there was none. Emotions are so strong!
Ruth Bell Graham wrote poetry and I found one of her pieces that describes where my heart is these days.
She understood the struggles of the heart; how circumstances can pull us up and down with no place of security; and, she knew where her peace and fulfillment could be found. As she cried for "Jesus alone" my heart joins with hers - in Him alone may I be "content, satisfied!"

Dusty my soul tonight.
Earth has been dear.
Bewildered, I come to You,
Father God, hear.
Idols that charm me,
dreams that allure,
pains that alarm me,
suspense to endure,
memories that linger,
thoughts that ensnare,
a heart that is aching,
all crumpled by care,
unsatisfied, restless,
scarce able to pray--
everything, everything
take it away.
Only You,
none but You,
Jesus alone:
ashes the rest to me,
songs with a groan,
take them each one away--
mind not my tears--
lift me above this earth's
joys and its fears,
give me Yourself alone--
nothing beside--
so will I be with You,

From Clouds are the Dust of His Feet
by Ruth Bell Graham 1992


Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Thanks so nuch for this poem.It echos what my heart feels these days.I KNOW that in the end God will be glorified,but right now there is a lot of pain.

Sidney Trobairitz said...

We go up. We come down. Nice that He stays the same, eh? I love you!

SK and Family said...

I hope you are feeling better. Have a wonderful week!

Diane said...

Yes, Ruth - God will be glorified. I will be praying for you too.
Sidney - love you, too!
Katherine - thank you :)