Saturday, May 1, 2010

Random Raindrops Reflection

The perfection in the "happenstance of nature" amazes me. For instance, how and where raindrops settle, and, even more so, what they end up reflecting. The three raindrops, above, look like cut gems in their settings at the base of these leaves.
In the reflection of this raindrop, you can see the sun, but the other images are distorted. I can't tell what they are. And while it reflects white objects, the other two raindrops reflect blues. In this pool of raindrops, there is a refection of a raindrop (actually two single raindrops) and it is very difficult to tell where that raindrop actually is. I think it is on the petal (which I cropped), to the right of the pool.
I have to wonder, "Is it sometimes challenging to find the source or the reality of what I'm reflecting when the random raindrops pool together in my life?"
(05-01-2010: Canon Rebel Xsi, 1.4 lens, cropped only)


SK said...

They really do look like cut gems-beautiful! I *think* I see the reflection of the raindrop on the second flower... ;)

Dani said...

the raindrops are amazing :)

Diane said...

Thanks for the kind comment, Dani, and for stopping by - nice to have you!