Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mother's Day and Mother Bird

Sunday afternoon - Mother's Day 
Two of my kids and I headed to Port Townsend. The first stop was for coffee and with the Arts & Crafts Fair in town, it was a miracle we found a parking space right away! 
Spirits were high as I parked the van. We had been listening to happy music and chattered most of the way there. The sunshine made Water Street look like it had been splattered with fresh primary colored paint. Balloons, flags, t-shirts, and flower planters danced in place. The kids were excited - giddy - and I was ready for a great afternoon of taking photos. 
As soon as I stepped into the street, with my camera bag over my shoulder, I could hear the familiar and nostalgic sound of "city sparrows" - as I had come to name them from childhood. I associate their song with happy times when we would visit my mother's relatives in the city. (I've learned since that they are called "house sparrows." )
I looked up in search of them, and there in the dark corner of the second story window, I saw a hole in the brick wall and there was a house sparrow trying to satisfy the noisy, demanding hatchlings. I raised my camera, but missed the "perfect shot." She was done in a second and had sat down to rest a while.

At first glance, you wouldn't guess that a bird's nest was there. I am impressed with the bird's determination and ability to chip away at the mortar long enough to make a hole just big enough to get in and out of. It is so well hidden, safe from enemies and weather. There is even had a ledge where the mother bird can rest in the sun, for a second or two, before heading out again for another mouthful of nourishment for her babies.
I thought of myself in the nest and God as my Rock (as the psalmist refers to Him) - a high, safe, huge rock that keeps me hidden, safe and protected. 
I thought of myself as the mother bird and God, my Rock, as a strong place to hide, defend and provide for my children. 
I thought of myself finding the moments of rest I need to carry on, as this mother sparrow did, on the ledge, in the sun.

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SK said...

I enjoy going to arts/crafts fairs! What a sweet picture--I like the comparisons you made.
Have a wonderful weekend.