Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sunday Thoughts

"What a waste it is to be surrounded by heaven,
by a sky 'made white by angels' wings'
and to be unaware of it.
Perhaps the first step
is that we really should want
to unearth God
in our midst...
[to] let the mundane
become the edge of glory,
and find the extraordinary
in the ordinary."
Esther de Waal

"To find not perfection,
Nora Gallagher

(Self-portrait photo taken, edited and designed by my daughter - an ordinary girl (?) filled with the extraordinary - not perfect, but loaded with possibility - writer, music composer, lyricist, deep thinker, pianist, horse whisperer, eyes open, heart beating, feet running, growing and changing faster than I can keep up with. I love you Leyah. )

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