Friday, May 21, 2010

Accepting the Storms and Expecting the Sun

The sunsets after rain are extraordinary. This evening, I  am sure it must have resembled heaven.
The turmoil of rains and wind for several days, or even hours, with the added darkened gray color of light, makes the world around me, and even my own soul, feel weary. I have experienced much loss because of or during rain and wind storms. However, when it stops...and it always does stop...there is a relief and a definite sense of quiet sure lifting, of new beginnings, of life coming out from under cover to spread its wings.
The sun bathes the rain soaked, the wind beaten with a warm, reviving golden glow. Peace fills the misty air and soaks beneath the surface of every living thing that was exposed to the harassment of the storm, transforming what was chilling and shunned into something  which is readily drunk - deeply. No matter how long the storm endures; no matter how weary I may be; no matter how late in the evening before the sun triumphs, when it does, I am energized, encouraged, infused with the peace it lavishes on me.
I have come to accept the storms. That doesn't make them any more pleasant than before. They are not less damaging or less wet because I accept them. But, I have come to accept them because I have learned to expect that, after the storm, the sun will come out. After the soaking and the beating of the wind, the mist, which is left on the heels of the storm, will fill me with the peace it is made of. Peace that can only come from the One who created it. Those peace-filled moments surpass everything that happened during the storm. 
(Photos taken 05-2010; Canon Rebel Xsi; 250mm lens, f 8.0; ISO 1600; -1 exposure)
(Thanks to Michael Nelson who photographed the mountains from the roof! I photographed the sunset and blossoms)
(As always, click each photo for enlarged view ;)

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