Friday, February 22, 2008

Roses - from my Garden 2007
This afternoon I was in my garden pruning my roses. I have a head cold and probably shouldn't have been out there, but the warmth and joy of the sun called me to come and be with them. Let me recommend this therapy for anyone who is not feeling up to par - and be sure to do it with a friend - the benefits are WONDERFUL! ! !
I found myself falling in love all over again with my roses. During the winter months, I have very little call to go out and 'visit' with them and I'm always surprised at how much I've missed them when I do go out for the first time in Spring to interact with them.
Its a very mutual relationship we have of giving and receiving good things that improve our sense of well being. I prune, feed, water, handle, whisper, protect and sometimes even share my songs of hope, gladness and thanksgiving with them. They, in exchange, fill my life with wonder and beauty for my senses in almost every season. Their colors, shapes, textures, fragrances, and personalities join hands and dance in my soul.
I love the first tiny leaves that pop out in Spring - so full of life and joy! The colors seem to leap off the stem shouting, "Hallelujah! Its time to bring glory to God again!".
I love the tightly formed buds that hold such incredible promise of beauty and delight. They grow, seemingly impregnated until they can hold no more color or fragrance and then reveal indescribable glory with the unfolding of each petal.
I love the fully mature rose bloom that waltzes on the stem in the breeze with such dignity and grace. Each full bloom seems to be an entire symphony of music for the eye! Oh, how the sight forces me to stop and gaze - linger and drink in all the goodness and life that this one subject can portray of its Creator!
I love the rosehip! Each is as different in color and shape as is each species of rose it represents. Like little periods at the end of a sentence, the rosehip announces the end of another flower bearing season with the promise of another to come after resting.
This winter, I realized that I love another aspect of the rose. When cut roses are brought into the home and placed in a vase, they fill the room with their sweetness, but, they can't live for very long and eventually begin to wilt. Most roses heads will bend and hang and if not thrown away, will dry in this position. I have come to love the bent rose. It almost says a benediction - gracefully bowing as it leaves center stage, having lived and fulfilled its purpose and destiny. It rests quietly, serenely and grows yet sweeter with time.
I can't help but wonder, what if all people could live their lives as does the rose? In each stage of life a person would be fully engaged in all they were created to be and thus bring untold volumes of joy to those around them and to the God who created them!
What a wonderful world it would be!

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