Monday, February 25, 2008


When my sister and I were teenagers, we were part of a group of people who were beginning a new church. We were involved musically - I was accompanist, and we sang duet specials for the church services. We loved singing and the messages of the songs were very precious to our hearts, so we said 'Yes' whenever the Pastor would ask us to have a song ready for Sunday morning.
Now, there were others in the church that could and had sung, but it seemed, at least to us, that we were singing much more frequently then they. We didn't mind, but were concerned that we were taking opportunities that others may have wanted.
One day, when the Pastor asked Sharon and I to have a song ready for the next Sunday, she looked at him and asked, "We seem to be singing much more than the others. Why do you ask us to sing so often?". We have never forgotten his response. He looked at us, young and talented as we were, and said, very wisely, "Girls, you use it or you lose it."
That statement has come to mind all through my life. There are gifts we've been given and the expectation on the part of the Giver (The God of Life) is that we will use the gifts to encourage, help and love others. His great love for people causes Him to give us so many good things by which we can be blessings to others and be blessed ourselves!
For instance, some people have been given a gift in music. Those who recognize their gift will invest time and resources to improve their abilities and, as a result, be better able to bless people with the sound they can make. How many downcast souls have been lifted because of a piece of music! How many children have found joy in dancing when they hear the sound of music! How many concerts have been held to raise funds to help the needy! All this because, God, in His incredible love, gave the gift of music to people who love to use their gift!
But, what happens if someone with that gift, doesn't practice or perform regularly? Its sad! They lose their skill and the gift becomes less than it was or could be.
God gives us gifts with the expectation that we will invest in them and use them to express His love and life to others. There is no greater joy than to be living in the fullness of all that He created us to be!
So, find your gifts! Invest in your gifts! Use your gifts! And, may you be filled with joy as you take opportunities that are before you to bless others with those gifts!

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