Tuesday, February 26, 2008

My Family

This morning, my heart is filled with my family. I'd like to introduce them to you. In the back are Jeff, my husband, Andrew, and Michael. In the front are myself, Halleleyah, and Charisa. Our oldest son Jeffrey lives and works in Seattle, and our oldest daughter, Odessa, now lives in heaven. (See "A Loving Tribute" entry)
Each one in this group of people is an incredible personality with great potential and strong giftings. I have always counted it a privilege to live with these awesome people. I have seen more beauty, harmony, love and joy than most parents can ever dream possible in a household of 6 growing children who turned into teenagers and then into young adults.
No, we're not perfect. And no one is a finished, perfect person yet, including Jeff and I! But, the largest percentage of our time together is sweet peaceful and happy.
My favorite sound is the sound of them laughing - it is like music to my heart. I also love the music each one of them can play and especially when they pool their talents and play together! My favorite time is when they are all together at home simply 'visiting' with each other. I have loved evenings with everyone drifting into our room, one by one, plunking themselves all over my bed (hardly room for me!) and each one sharing thoughts and feelings about different issues in their lives or reciting whole scenes from favorite movies - complete with accents!
Its a huge responsibility to parent/mentor people. As our children have grown, so has the intensity of the weight of decisions that we make and that we help them make. Its seems we trade a million diapers for a hundred issues - but it feels like so much more than that. My husband and I have tried to walk very carefully - guiding, praying, letting go, praying, crying, praying, picking up pieces, and praying.... Seems we pray more than anything else and so we should, because our ultimate hope is that each one will learn to listen to wisdom and be led by God, learning to fly by themselves.
Oh the joy to watch them succeed! ! ! As I watch them mature and develop into the people they were created to be, I can only imagine how the world will be a better place because of their part in it. And, as much as I have loved having my home filled with their lives, I can only imagine the tremendous effect they will have on the lives of other people wherever they find themselves.

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Beautiful family!