Friday, February 22, 2008

A Loving Tribute

Odessa Marie Nelson Mar.30,1983 - Dec.23,2005

You Live Evermore

What if suddenly, there were no roses? never gaze on the beautiful bloom never breathe their sweet perfume

What if suddenly, there were no birds? lose the joy of hearing them sing miss the wonder of flight on the wing

What if suddenly there was no music? heart would break in attempt of expression soul could not bear the isolation

What if suddenly, there were no waves on the shore?

...not to see or hear its tumultuous roaring

...not to feel on my feet the splashing and foaming

...nor to breathe its air in my resting and roaming

That's what its like when suddenly there is no 'you'

...never again to gaze on your beauty or breathe your perfume lose the joy of hearing you sing when I walk into a room heart breaks in attempts of expression

finding it hard to bear isolation miss your embrace and your joyous successes

That's what its like without my Odessa.

And yet....

Each time I see a rose

I gaze and breathe the fragrance of your life

When I watch a bird or play a love song

I hear you sing and watch you take flight

And when I'm far away and my feet on the shore

I see you dance in the waves and I gratefully know

You are not gone,

....but you live evermore.

I wrote this poem after our 22yr. old daughter, Odessa, stepped into eternity as the result of a skiing accident on Dec.23,2005. Her life was a beautiful expression of the grace and love of God. She radiated with goodness and exuded joy; and all who met her were struck with her persona - She was and is truly CAPTIVATING! ! ! We miss you, dearest.


Anonymous said...

I had just started writing on a blog when I read about your sweet daughter on one of my subscriptions of a fellow student. I then read Andante and was even more touched--and here am I, a perfect stranger. But, stranger or not, I have thought about and prayed for your family since then and have googled occasionally, and that is how I came upon your blog today.

Your poem is just beautiful. I am keeping you and your family in my prayers.

Diane said...

Thank you, Katherine. I visited your blogs and am so glad to meet you! Bless you!

Anonymous said...

I am glad to meet you, too!