Thursday, August 6, 2009

Sail On!

Discouragement rolls in like thick and heavy clouds of mist across the landscape of the mind. Resting, and yet moving, it veils the terrain, removing the certainty of even immovable landmarks. The mountain heights, the peaceful meadows, the many paths of experience - all obscured.
The water may be still, but there is no sense of peace. It feels deceptively safer to put down anchor and stay. Fear of moving, fear of tragedy pull in the sails to keep from moving in any direction. Its easy to be lulled to sleep by the wet, heavy shroud.

But, awake my soul!
This is but a mist, a vapor!
It cannot hold me fast.
It cannot keep me against my will.
There is a Light and Voice
that calls me out of my self induced trance
and can guide me safely through.
"Lift anchor!
Follow the Light!
Sail on!"

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