Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Afternoon Visit With My Daughters

This afternoon, my youngest daughter and I spent a couple of hours visiting with my married daughter in the new rental home that she and her husband have moved into. We were bringing her the baby kitty she had picked out and, of course, we wanted to visit and catch up on news.
After the excitement of getting the kitty 'moved in' - buttered paws and all, we settled in the living room where she served coffee and bits of chocolate :) News flashes passed from sister to sister, mom to daughters and back again. It felt like a dream I'd once had of how it might feel to be in the home of one of my daughters.
A little while later, she put in a movie and we three sat on the huge, black leather couch that takes up almost all of one wall. The movie made me laugh out loud, which is rare. I think it was due, in part, to being affected by the 'familial female-ness' all around, in and through us. There is a certain feeling between girls in the same family and these girls have it strong!
I couldn't help but soak in the pleasure of the moment with a thankful heart. Thank you, dear daughters! It was a sweet afternoon with both of you.


beloved said...

The beautiful investment of love you've made in your daughters makes for quite a magical synergy between you three! Be blessed, Sweet Friend!

Charisa said...

hi darlingest mama :) I don't know why I haven't been reading your blog. I love reading your heart, and all the sweet memories that resurface. Come hand out with me any time at my little home!

Diane said...

I love you, sweetie :)
I'll be there soon! xoxo