Monday, April 27, 2009

April Sancturary

This morning the sunrise announced
the never-ending hope of a new day,
fresh, and filled glory!
In the last few days of April, the mornings have become glorious sanctuaries filled with every beautiful color and sound imaginable. I am alone in the wonder of it all and immerse myself in every living detail that meets my senses. In the pure delight and exhilaration of experiencing all of that, my heart worships the Creator.
The chorus of birds rivals the greatest human choir. The live 'surround- sound' experience is unmatched as is the complicated variety of theme lines that weave in and out as they sing and echo to each other.
The colors are vibrant, intense and dance off the ground like living droplets of paint from the brush.
The fragrances fill the air and saturate my entire being with their sweetness - I breathe them, I feel them, I want to eat them or drink them.


I found these miniature works of art on the side of the road this morning - beautiful symbols of new life, new hope, new joy!

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Richard said...

Still to chilly in the morning for a lot of chirping birds. They are like me...have to wait for the sun to warm things up a bit before we say our good morning to the world.