Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Raining, heavy, constant, relentless
I cannot sleep - so many memories
Tears, questions, shock, grief
It was raining like this that night, too
I remember lying in bed feeling sure
that all of creation was mourning with us
Tonight, I tried to sleep but my body was tense
I had to remind myself
"Joy comes in the morning."
And I remembered that
Joy comes in the mourning
He, who is my joy
Comes in the midst of my mourning
And brings rest and hope
For the new day yet to dawn


Rebekah said...

I love you...

Diane said...

I love you too...

Sidney Trobairitz said...

We identified the one who died before us by the scars on his palms and side. As well, we are identified by the scars we bear; they are badges of courage and indicators of passages. They come around and re-ignite sorrows to be sure, but sorrows which precede triumphs of magnitude we cannot express.

Diane said...

Thank you Sidney, how profound and obviously true - good to have you home :) Love you!