Thursday, April 9, 2009


We often equate passivity with laziness or slothfulness, and many times the terms are liberally interchanged. An attitude of ignoring issues or responsibilities can be attributed to either a passive heart which doesn't want to face reality or to a lazy heart which doesn't want to work at changing reality. Either way, nothing is accomplished.

People use passivity as an excuse to hide their laziness. They are 'waiting' for further developments or instruction, promised resources - when in actuality, they are lazy and not doing what needs to be done or what can be done.

But there is a passivity that is holy, right, beneficial. It is found when we are still in the middle of the storm when our hearts are alive to God and trusting in His all perfect will to be done. I can sit there, not trying to understand or figure out the details, not trying to do anything, not fearing the outcome, not pleading for my will to be done. It is a place where I recognize there is nothing I can do but trust. In that moment, there is perfect awareness, perfect stillness, perfect readiness, perfect trust.

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