Saturday, December 6, 2008


Today, my husband was on the hunt for our Christmas lights - we wanted to sort through them and decide which ones to put on the outside of the house. I think as far as he got was finding the lights, and sorting through to see which ones actually worked or not. I found a box of them in the garage - looked like it had been neatly 'repacked'.
We got sidetracked because he was also looking for a Christmas music box I have and he ended up going through lots of boxes in the garage - there's so much STUFF in there and I keep hoping that someday soon we will go through it all for the last time and clear it out!
In his search for the music box, actually called a Music Bell Symphonium, he found a box of photos - A LOT of photos! As I am prone to do, I brought it in the house and we stood for, I don't know how long, going through photos that went a way, way back!
I think photos are wonderful. They help me remember. They stir my heart. They help me re-evaluate how I'm feeling about a person. Often over the years, they have caused me to fall in love all over again with my children, and lately, I'm noticing how young we were in those pictures!
But, the best thing photos do for me, is they remind me of how fast time has flown by and that it hasn't slowed down any and these moments I have here with my family are truly precious. I am reminded to say and do the things I would normally put off - for another day. Instead, I do it NOW - and RIGHT NOW, I'm going to stop this blogging and go visit with my daughter who has been gone all day.
PHOTOS - a look into the past which leads to a reconsideration of the present that leads to a beautiful change for the future. Cheers!

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I agree...and I am off the computer for the day, LOL!!