Friday, December 12, 2008

The Beauty of Living in God's Design

Tonight, my husband bought tickets to a local church's Christmas Musical Program. It was very well done. I was impressed with the overall presentation which portrayed the hearts of all that were involved.
Our daughter, Charisa (now Mrs. Charisa Silliman) directed the 1st-5th graders in a song. This is the first year she has worked with this group, and I had no idea all that she had put together for them in the one song! She had them doing actions, playing a kazoo for one verse and giving a 'Broadway Bow' at the end! It was SUPER! I'm so delighted for you, Charisa! Well Done!
This church is very large and very professional and I have enjoyed the music they perform any time I've attended, but this evening, I was thrilled - but not just with the music! It is the first time I've attended a presentation that was directed by their 'new' Director of Music. If any of you have read much of my blog or my website ( you know my heart loves to cheer people to find their God-given design and to live in it with all their heart. This young Director was the absolute epitome of this!
As I said, I was THRILLED to watch him! And I might have thought, "What a glorious opportunity for a young man!", as many would probably think. But, I've been involved a little with directing music (choirs, mostly) and that would seem to minimize the facts. This Director was once a boy who probably loved to hear and play music; practiced to become as skillful as he could possibly be; studied in college for years (even enduring the 'non music' courses) to get to the place where he would be qualified to stand in the midst of such a large and talented group of vocalists and musicians; and, to be able to mix all of that together into this evening of flying in his soul on the wings of God's design for him. It was stunning!
I applaud him following his heart and for putting in the hard work to become the champion he is today! May God bless you, Joel, as you have blessed hundreds this Christmas with your life! And, may many be encouraged by Joel's example to find God's design for them and to pursue it with all their heart. Because, in that discovery and pursuit is absolute joy that never ends, and it springs up splashing on everyone around them!

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