Monday, November 10, 2008

A Word About the Election Results

I am a Canadian citizen and have not been politically 'active' for many years, which means I haven't had a voice in the elections by the privelege of voting since I moved to the United States. That doesn't mean I am oblivious or insensitive to those around me who have dealt with the issues solemnly and prayerfully. Over the years, I could see the concerns in their eyes and the effects of being put between a rock and a hard place when it comes to deciding who to support for leadership. Honestly, I don't know how the majority of people make a choice, especially if they have no foundational truth in their lives to draw on.
Since the week prior to November 4th and since the results of the election, I've witnessed and heard about the intensity of people's reactions like never before. Those who voted for President Elect Obama are dancing, cheering, heaving great sighs of relief waiting for him to keep all of his promises. The majority of people who voted for John McCain are in despair, are fearful and struggling with anxiety about the future of their economics, the morality issues and their freedoms.
There are many in this nation whose lives consist of 'being close to the action'. They practically live at the White House, know all the political figures like they were family and have their minds saturated with the history, the laws, the trends, the implications of every decision that is made. I greatly respect those who are the 'watch dogs' keeping a hand on the pulse of what is happening in the inner circles that affect all of us out here.
Again, I am not politically active or an activist, which leaves me at a bit of a disadvantage when it comes to all the legistics involved in the election of the President of the United States, and the valid concerns about who sits in the Oval Office. However, there are some thoughts I have for those who are my dear brothers and sisters in Christ regardless of what color your political party banner.
Whether you are estatic or in despair, ask yourself, "Are my emotions revealing that my trust is in the 'man' who is in office and not in God who sets up and removes men in leadership?" Do you put alot of weight of expectation on what President Elect Obama will do for you, or for the country? Are you throwing your hands up and laying down as dead or as if God is now dead, because John McCain isn't in office to save you and your issues and your country? Is that where our trust should be?
Dear heart, the man in office is not the one who controls your world. Remind yourself that Jesus is the King of kings and the Lord of lords and His Kingdom will not pass away. As my husband said yesterday, "God didn't slip off the throne when Obama was elected." Jesus didn't turn the keys of provision and security over to Obama when he became president. Don't let the circumstances overwhelm you or cause you to lose caution and become presumptuous! You cannot put your trust in the man in the office!
At a time like this, whether you supported Obama or McCain, I believe we need to be on our knees. This is an opportunity for us to draw close to God and exercise our prayer life like never before. President Elect Obama needs prayer! Paul exorts us to pray for those in leadership - 1Timothy2:1-3. Pray for God to give him wisdom, help, light in the darkness of the problems he has to work through. If you agree with President Elect Obama, do not let your guard down. Pray for him and all his advisors.
The election results revealed the heart cry of this nation. People are very concerned about the economy, security, wastefulness of tax dollars and health care. This country and the whole world is in a time of unrest, instability and people want to find someone who will take care of them and all their worries.
As Christians, we KNOW the One who is the perfect, absolute answer to the needs that they have. We can lovingly point people to God who is the Provider, the Lover of their souls, the Healer. This is an opportunity to share our testimonies of our experience with the living God who holds our world in His hands.
This is also an opportunity to show the love and life of God by being gracious to whomever you come in contact with. Ask God to fill you with His love, joy and peace so that His face will shine brightly through yours. Look for opportunities to give, to support, to comfort. Ask God for wisdom when speaking with people. Allow Him to speak through you a word from His heart that contains power to change lives from the inside out!
We have a mission that is not affected or altered by the circumstances around us. We are to let our lights shine in the darkness of this world. We are to be salt to bring palatibility people's lives, and to excite their appetites for more of Him.
Beloved, this is not a time to give up or to become complacent. If 'your man' got into office on November 4th, you are not home free. If 'your man' didn't get into office on November 4th, all is not lost and you have no business throwing the baby out with the bath water! God is calling us to pray. This is a time when we could see a revolutionary change in our country - not because of who is president, but because Christians are on their knees seeking the heart of God, being changed by the Spirit of God and moving the hand of God like never before.

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Anonymous said...

I am guilty of letting my fear overwhelm every other rational thought! Thank you for the perfect reassurance and reminder.