Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Singin' the Cold Blues, But Not For Long ;)

I am amazed at how long this 'cold' thing hangs on! I am still low on energy - big time, and my 'core' (ribs, lower/middle back and upper chest) ache most of the time. I can't get enough breath to sing a full line and can only sit at the piano for two or three songs. Its been over a week and I am so tired of feeling below normal!
I've missed some special things too! I didn't lead worship last week, nor will I be able to this week. I missed the first Talent Night at our church (which was my idea) and I'm told it was really a great success! I didn't go to Bible Study last night - WAAAAAAA ! ! ! ! ! ! !
I don't mean to sound like such a complainer - it just seems like this thing has been interrupting my life for a long time! I do have some moments of time when I feel better, but not for long :(
I have been listening to messages, music, doing some writing and sitting on the back deck soaking in the beautiful weather we've been having. I have so many things to be thankful for, and I truly am. I'm just tired of explaining to people why I'm not doing or going as usual and missing out on wonderful experiences with family and friends.
Halleleyah and I made a simple 'Fall-ish Wreath' today. I was pleasantly surprised by her desire to help and interest in the project. She grows more beautiful everyday and I am loving watching the 'woman of God' that is emerging before my eyes. I can be happy for the beautiful day, a sweet time with Halleleyah, a good supper idea, a dear friend who is willing to lead worship on Sunday, some laundry done, and a newly decorated wreath for the entrance to our home. WOW!
Now, what was I missing? ;)


SK and Family said...

Y'all did a beautiful job on the wreath!! I don't think you are complaining, LOL--I always write when I am sick, I think because it encompasses my whole life at that moment! :)

Diane said...

Thanks, Katherine!Yes, sickness sure can seem to encompass our whole life at the moment;) I'm glad when its gone!