Sunday, March 2, 2008

Long Beach 03/08

OH WHAT A WONDERFUL WEEKEND! ! ! Long Beach was at its best this weekend! We arrived in the dark of night, but could hear the roaring from our suite. I so wanted to go down to the beach and take it all in right then, but unfortunatley, there are regulations about such things. The next day was extremely windy! We went to the beach and watched people bent over, trying to walk against the gale. We sat in our van with my window open a few inches so I could breathe in the ocean air and hear its awesome sound. The wind was blowing on Jeff's side of the van, so I was shocked when I found a layer of sand on the dashboard and arm rests as we were leaving. The sand blew in a continuous layer across the surface of the beach - it was very wild looking!
It rained most of the rest of Friday and that night there was a thunder and lightning storm RIGHT OVER THE OCEAN! ! ! I was awakened several times by loud crashes - some shaking the bed! I was sure I wouldn't be able to walk on the beach this trip at all!
OH, but, the next morning, the sky cleared, the wind had died down and the OCEAN WAS GLORIOUS! ! ! ! ! Jeff and I walked along the beach and took in all that our senses could possibly hold! The colors, the sounds, the fragrance in the air and the warmth was absolutely delicious! Reluctantly, I climbed into the van to come home.
I did take some video tho', and posted it here to share with you. Enjoy!

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