Thursday, September 17, 2009

Walking Through the First Day

Today was a "see how it goes" kind of day. I had a tentative schedule mapped out for my day and before the morning was over, I scrapped it. There were things I hadn't thought about like wanting to be free to spend time with my daughter just before she heads out the door for the school bus, and scheduling in things that get me away from the computer for a break!
As the day progressed, I feel I found a workable rhythm and wrote it down so I can try it out tomorrow. Personally, I need a schedule to keep me motivated and on track.
It is "Week Zero" which means I didn't actually study English 101 today. This next week gives students an opportunity to learn and become familiar with the Angel Network which carries the online courses. I am very thankful for the orientation! ! !

My daughter is having a good week in high school - I can see her determination to do well, not only in her studies, but also in her social circles. It's not easy being a teen or being in high school; but she is doing great and I'm very happy for her!


Anonymous said...

It is good that you have the opportunity to compare your daughter's start in public school with your own return to college. I'm sure it will give you better perspective to stay on track and set your goals. May the Lord guide you! Keep us posted of the progress both of you make.

Sidney Trobairitz said...

It's very exciting (terrifying) to be starting a major enterprise at this stage of life. And precisely because we already HAVE a BIG life, it's tricksy to get it all in!!!

Sometimes I wish I could go home and live with my parents!! --Love ya!