Wednesday, September 16, 2009

First Day Back to College

My last post was Sept. 2nd, which was my daughter's first day of high school.
Tomorrow is the first day of the online college course that I registered to take this quarter - English 101. Week zero - a week of orientation.

My daughter was excited to see all the people on the campus.
I am excited to be able to study alone.
She knows what she'll be doing for the next few years - finishing high school and on to college.
It's all a mystery to me.
She even "knows" what she'll be when she grows up!
I haven't a clue!

It's interesting the difference a few decades can make in one's perspective!
What I do know is this...Every day will be an adventure on the way to where I'm going. Every day it will get clearer as I get closer to the destination, and, in the meantime, I'll keep studying and learning and living to the best of my ability!
(and, hopefully, I'll learn where these silly commas are really supposed to go!)

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