Wednesday, September 2, 2009

First Day of High School

I just dropped my youngest daughter off at the High School. It's her first day of school, first day of High School and her first day in public school. Only one other of my children has attended public school, but he was a couple of years older - and a guy.
I am very excited for her. Her first word, as we drove into the parking lot, was, "PEOPLE! ! !"
She is going to do well and I know that this was the right decision for her this year.
Its the first year, in 26yrs, that I won't be responsible for the education of my children. I've home schooled all six - 4 went to community college, 2 went on to university, 1 excelled in the IT programs at the Vocational School -also hopes to take Massage Therapy soon - and now the youngest is in High School.
There are many reasons for making this choice this year - not the least of which is her desire to go, so when I stopped the van to let her out, I had no qualms about it. I told her "I love you, with all my heart...have a great day!" She smiled back and got out.
As I watched her walk toward the buildings, she looked very young, very individual and very alone in the huge crowd of students that had already gathered outside. She doesn't know very many kids there, but she has determination and it won't be long before she has more friends than she'll be able to keep track of.
So, thus begins another chapter in our lives - "The Daughter in High School."
I wish you all the best, sweetie! I know you'll do well!


Jill J. said...

Four years ago, my home schooled daughter began public school as a freshman ending my 16 years of home educating 3 children. As a Senior, she is leader of Champions With a Passion (student led Bible study group), editor of the school newspaper and has a long list of friends including those at school and her 3 life long home school friends. Teachers and administrators adore her. We knew she was ready. She has had her share of challenges, but has met them with confidence in her Father's love and ours. You are in for a treat as you help her navigate this new territory.

Diane said...

Thank you, Jill! Bless you!