Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Sunday May 4, 2008

I'm finally getting to journal about Sunday, May 4th, and I'm still not sure how to put the day into words.
I woke up with so much love and joy in my heart. The weather was gorgeous, but more than that, there was the feeling of 'something in the air'. I worked on music, spent time going over my notes for church, and got ready to go for a walk at the Dungeness Spit with Jeff and Rebekah.
None of us were prepared for the stunning display there! The waves were not like anything I've ever seen - not here, nor at Long Beach! Swells of 4 - 10 feet, in slow motion, took our breath away over and over again. I couldn't help expressing the thrill as each wave rose up and came forward with so much energy! And, it felt like there were waves of equal size and strength inside of my very being. Here is a snip of one of the many swells - Rebekah took the video with my little digital camera:

Redeeming Life Fellowship's meeting on Sunday was in the evening, because the facility had been reserved in the morning. So, after we came home from the Spit, my time was invested with preparation for the evening meeting time. My heart had a growing anticipation. It felt, again, like the waves I had seen at the Spit. Music, prayer, notes for my time of sharing with the people were all melding together. I kept seeing the faces of those who have come before and prayed for them. The excitement was building, and building, and building!
How can I relate to you all that happened? How can I articulate emotions that are bigger, deeper than anything I've ever known before? There is no way to explain the dynamics or science of what happens when the physical realm is touch by the spiritual realm!
There were only 2 instruments - a keyboard, a guitar.
There were only 2 vocal leaders - Ethel and I.
There was only a little (very little) sound system.
There were only about 35 people in the room.
BUT...it seemed and sounded like there was an entire orchestra and the huge choir!
Three times, I felt 'waves of warm mist' that came over me, covering me from the top of my head to the soles of my feet - unlike anything I have experienced before.
I was playing music like I didn't know I could!
There was an energy of unity that was as solid as a Rock and the joy of the Lord permeated the place.
When I got up to speak, I looked over the group and was struck by the beautiful radiance coming from the inside of each person there. God had definitely visited us. It was extraordinary!
After I shared my heart concerning how God wants to reveal Himself to the world through us, my husband, Jeff, shared with everyone how Redeeming Life Fellowship came to be and what is in his heart and the hearts of the men that have come alongside to support this new church. There was a blissful, warm agreement flowing around the room.
In closing, we sang a song, "We Will Dance" - a celtic sounding song about Heaven. It was overwhelming to feel the synergy of hearts in love with their God. It felt like the roof was going to burst off!

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