Tuesday, May 13, 2008

What if . . . ?

This is a common question people ask themselves after they have lived through a tragedy. I remember cross examining myself, over and over again, after my mother died. She had been hospitalized and her situation called for an advocate with the medical system. My dad was not knowledgeable about what to look for or what questions to ask the doctors or nurses, so I, being the oldest daughter took on the role of monitoring her care. I lived through two very intense weeks, one moment at a time. My next oldest sister was there helping me think through many decisions. My youngest sister helped with practical life at home.
There was a point when I felt like I was responsible for the final 'life and death' decision. Do we continue with life support or do we face reality and accept that there was no more hope of turning the situation around? There was a point when Mom's body was beginning to shut down and according to the medical staff, it was inevitable that she was going to die - and soon.
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