Monday, October 5, 2009

A Whisper and a Promise

This morning I read this quote on Twitter:
"God whispers to us in our pleasures.
God speaks to us in our conscience.
God shouts to us in our pain."
C.S. Lewis

It caught my attention because it was a C.S. Lewis quote, and I enjoy him thoroughly.
Later today, I was in a "chocolate mood." I hardly ever buy the stuff - but, today it just felt like the thing to do. I bought Dove's Dark Chocolate Promises - you know...the ones that are individually wrapped in foil with little messages inside?
When I got home, I was in the midst of putting things away, and I opened the bag of Promises and took one. Don't ask me why, but I enjoy the anticipation of the secret message written inside - kind of like a fortune cookie ;) But, I was a little disappointed...

"Simply be and not do for the moment."

Ho hum...nothing special about that one. I continued to do what I'd been doing, which was putting groceries away.
After everything was cleared and the grocery bags knotted and stashed, I indulged in a second Promise, hoping the message would be more "special" this time. I couldn't believe my eyes!

"Simply be and not do for the moment."

Then, coincidentially, I remembered the quote from this morning - the part that says,

"God whispers in our pleasures..."

I was experiencing pleasure in eating this chocolate, that's for sure, but these little messages weren't making my day. I kept moving - put water on to boil for my ear of corn, checked email, fed Mr. Kitty, etc. etc. etc.
When my corn was ready, I sat down at the table and turned on my iPhone. When I'm alone, I enjoy reading Twitter while I am eating. I'm scrolling down, down, down, and...STOP! A lady tweeted,

"Just b yourself & be present."

OK, so you think I'm supposed to "hear" something this evening? I'm beginning to get the message that I need to "stop doing" for a few moments and "just BE!" Heavens! So, I'm going to finish this post, grab a glass of water and one more chocolate Promise, and sit in my blue chair for a while and "just be."
(Incidentally, how many times do YOU have to read this to get the message? :) )

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