Monday, October 5, 2009

Finding Your Strongest Life by Marcus Buckingham

What the Happiest and Most Successful Women Do Differently
The premise of this book seems to be that "...'having it all' means drawing enough strength from life to feel fulfilled, loved, successful, and in control" and that " is something every single one of us should aim for and every single one of us can attain." (Marcus Buckingham)
Normally, I would be excited about a book with a message that helps women find out who they truly are and how to build on their strengths for a fulfilling and satisfying life; but I was frustrated by the lack of depth and connectivity which seems to characterize media for the masses today. I haven't read any of Marcus' previous books, but on the basis of this read, I don't see myself looking for them.
Though, there is some good information within the 263 pages - enough to be published in a pamphlet format, basically, I found the book to be a long-winded lead-on. I was very disappointed in the repetition, the excess number of testimonies and the over all feeling that I was reading an infomercial on the snake oil that will cure all your ills.
If you are really curious about "What the Happiest and Most Successful Women Do Differently", I suggest you go to the library - this book, in my opinion, is not worth its weight in gold or the US dollar, for that matter.


Jane said...

Bravo!!! I found your critique quite refreshing. I don't know why, but you put a smile on my face. You already are on your way to finding your strongest life, and I don't think you need his guidance. It is isn't about finding it; it is truly about letting it out and coming forth in confidence and self assurance stemming from knowing and being intimate with our ABBA DADDY!!!
YOU already rock my sister!!

Sidney Trobairitz said...

Just another way for the mr. to make some money, and by playing on the frustrated desires of half the population. Yeah, glad you saw through it.

Most "get better, get rich, get your business, get your life" books seem to center around getting you separated from your money.

Diane said...

Thank you Jane, Sidney - It takes a while, but some things finally start making sense ;) Just hoping I can save someone else some time and money and cut to the chase to what the Truth really is. Bless you!