Monday, July 6, 2009

To Be or Not To Be the Garden of Eden

Today I posted some photos on my Bird Blog
They were sweet discoveries I made when I went outside after a thunder storm.
I mentioned that I hadn't been paying attention to the garden because of other matters that have distracted me. So, the photos can be a bit misleading, because they are beautiful and look like they could have come from a well maintained garden. I didn't intentionally try to give that impression.
The truth is, I haven't, nor has anyone else, been tending the garden this year. As a result, the weeds are waist high or higher. I had trouble finding a couple of Blueberry bushes that I know should be there and next to every rose bush are huge thistles.
I couldn't help but think of Adam. What a shock it must have been for him to sent from the Garden of Eden and have to deal with the weeds that would aggressively take over any piece of ground not tended to.
My garden was like a paradise, a Mini Garden of Eden, in years past; but, now it is like the outside of the Garden of Eden. In spite of that, I will still enjoy what sweet treasures I can find out there and maybe someday, it will be restored again.

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