Saturday, September 20, 2008

Times are Changing

Our family loves being with my sister and her family, but, as time goes on and all the 'kids' are growing into young adults, the dynamics change from what we once knew as 'big group family times' to wondering where is everybody going to be at any given time.

Sharon, her husband Phil and one of their daughters, Becky, came for Charisa and David's wedding - all the way from Kitchener, Ontario, Cananda! In times before, it was great fun for all the cousins to be playing instruments together - piano, guitar, violins, and mandolins - and of course, there would be singing!

This trip tho', Becky and I did a wee bit of music - I helped her with the piece she was going to accompany Charisa with as Charisa sang to David. Other than that, it was pretty quiet -- EXCEPT during the 'gap' between the wedding ceremony and the Reception Dinner. Andrew had his guitar (he had played his own rendition of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" for the wedding Processional) and he brought it into the dining hall. Well, as you can see, we all enjoyed his incredible gift! ! ! It was a special time of some very sweet, cherishable moments and he blessed us trememdously!

Thanks, Andrew! We all love you!

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SK and Family said...

The dynamics have changed in my family in that I am now the only one with small children (and, "so many").

I have also changed my life perspective so doesn't harmonize with the rest of the family very well. My husband and I tend to have our own little family celebrations, which sometimes feel a little lonely...