Monday, September 15, 2008

Take a Break From It - Make a Break For It!

Ahhh… sweet Long Beach…I’m back again!
A couple of weeks ago, I was feeling like I really needed a vacation. I’ve been deep into life - up to my chin for sometime and though the grace of God has been plentiful, I am feeling rather raggedy around the edges. So, I was dreaming of getting away physically, mentally and emotionally – just let my mind and heart cruise over terrain that is smooth and dreamy – and in the process, leave all the ‘norm’ that I’ve been wading through on a back burner for a while. The ‘norm’ will be there when I return – guaranteed!
Anyway, last week, Long Beach sent an email special – an incredible deal – and so, in between my intense summer and school books arriving next week for my daughter’s school year, I made a break for it! Six days to revel in joy, sunshine, ocean, and watercolor! Thank You, Lord, for Your many expressions of love and careful watch over me! I LOVE YOU!

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SK and Family said...

Sounds wonderful!! I hope you have a very relaxing time!