Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Kings in the Moment

The Twelfth Day of Christmas marks the end of the journey of the wisemen. All during the Christmas season I have imagined myself travelling with them. I have thought about the anticipation, the frustrations, the concerns, the fears that they would have encountered when faced with the elements of the journey, i.e., the length of time, the weather, the message in their dreams, the darkness, the desert, the fatigue, the unknowns.
But, today, I am "there" with them - they have arrived at their destination and are face to face with the King they were searching for. The King of kings - the pearl of great price - the one, who alone, is worthy of such sacrifice, perseverance and worship.
In the moments, during which they looked on the baby (God with us) I'm sure there was no other thought, past or future, that crossed their minds. They were in the present with the presence of Eternity-in-time. They were "there," in the moment. They were at peace.
This made me reflect on my own experience. When I wish for things I once had or did;when I hang on to regrets from the past; or when I think I can only be happy when..., I make myself miserable!
For, you see, peace is not found in what I wish I could have. It is found in being content in the moment. Feeling the moment. Breathing the moment. Doing everything with my whole being engaged in what I am doing, in the moment. Savoring all that there is while doing the task at hand, realizing that everything I do is an act of worship. God is in the moment. He is the God of peace. If I want peace, I will only find it in Him. And, where is He again? He's in the moment, the now, the present.
If I am in the present, where the God of peace is, fully conscious of what I am doing, I will do a better job, I will experience grace so that whatever I do will glorify God.
As I wrote in a post earlier this week: it is always a good time to pick up the blocks and try again. I will be trying to carefully, consciously, place each block (each task, each thought) in its place. I will purpose to stay in the present with the Presence - worshipping the one who alone is worthy of the sacrifice.
What am I sacrificing anyway? Being so busy that I can't see straight. Pitying myself because I'm longing for something I don't have. Obsessing over the "plans." My own will.
When I don't pay attention to what I'm doing, it is so easy to drift down the path of life that everyone else is travelling on. Going with the flow doesn't necessarily mean you get to your destination faster. Everybody is in a hurry but, as you know, those roads most travelled are congested with traffic jams. Everybody in the traffic jam is anxious, sweating, cursing, even shooting, but are going nowhere fast.
When the kings travelled to worship the baby king, they took "the road less travelled". When they arrived, I don't think they waited in line with hundreds of people for the place to open. When they were with the baby king, it was all about the baby king.
I can't imagine that there was another thing in the world they wanted. And, I'm sure they wouldn't trade being there for anything, for they had found the King of kings, the Prince of Peace, the present Presence. The moment was priceless, as will be every moment be that you or I are present to.


Sidney Trobairitz said...

Oh, Diane! This is such an important concept! So easily overridden by all the confusion of life! Learning to follow the peace, to be present to it after finding it, and not leaving it! Allowing the tides of life to wash over you while you remain in the peace of Christ!
So many distractions! I'm getting these words: That your love be invested with the passion that comes from a true calling, and that you cling to peace.

Diane said...

Thank you, Sidney! That is my longing, my journey, my prayer, and I pray that for you, also :)

Katherine said...

"When I don't pay attention to what I'm doing, it is so easy to drift down the path of life that everyone else is travelling on."

Yes! I feel like I have put a lot of things on "hold" right now, because I was too busy and life was just slipping away in a blur. My boys feel it, because I've limited their outside activities...it's hard to keep a balance!