Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Last Moon of 2009

These photos were taken this evening when I came home from town. I was excited to take my first moon shots with my new Canon - and was not disappointed with my initial attempts. These photos are unedited, except for some cropping. (Two different shots are posted at
I was across the road, in the pitch dark, using the mailbox like a tripod. I'm sure the people in the cars passing by must have thought I was a crazy lady. And you know? It was exhilarating to be out there, in one of those unlikely moments, doing something I really, really enjoy - and couldn't help but chuckle as I wondered, "Where will my Canon take me in 2010?"

Happy New Year, Everyone! May you have many wonderful adventures throughout 2010!


Patrina said...

Awesome! Simply fantastic! It looks like the eye of God looking through a window from heaven. It is a very touching and revealing shot. I love full moons. Mama died when there was a full moon. The moon shone in through the window on me and soothed my sorrow all night long. I think of mama being with God everytime I see a full moon. It is just an awesome memory.

This shot deepends that memory for me. I actually see God visibly with me and all about me,as He is within me.

Thanks so much for starting my new year with this picture. I will not forget it!!

God bless you for being an awesome and willing and passionate camera/instrument in the hands of God.


Diane said...

God bless you, Patrina! I have known the comfort of the glow of the full moon covering me like a blanket and feeling the presence of God, also.
He is awesome!

ivars krafts said...

You wonder, "Where will my Canon take me in 2010?"
I believe it can take you wherever you want to go and that decision is yours.

Diane said...

Oh Ivars! The thought, alone, is exciting to me! I am amazed at how much I truly enjoy taking pictures. If I followed my Canon - I think I would have to take something better than bread crumbs to leave a trail, so I could get back. On second thought - maybe I wouldn't.

Montag said...

Beautiful Moon...not at all inconstant and changing, but serene and immoveable it seems in your photos.