Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Destination in Time

Time -
so intangible - and yet,
it's spendable
it drags
it flies
it can't be stopped
you can give it
you can take it
you can save it
you can waste it
you can't borrow it
you can't store it up
it can disappear
it can be your best asset
it can be your worst enemy

Destination in Time -
where I want to be

Lately I've found that time seems to move proportionately to the pace I am moving.
If I am sitting around, in a negative or even wishful mindset, time can drag on and on and on. It seems to go nowhere - which is exactly what I'm doing then, too!
But, if I am busy, even if it is doing something not pertaining to a 'Destination in Time' where I'd like to be, time moves along at a good pace as well.
So, I am endeavoring to keep busy (even with a torn triceps muscle that hurts like H---), that way, I am getting things done, even tho' they may be small or not related to my ultimate goal. I can keep a positive attitude which is very important for creativity, health, and an optimistic outlook! And, I can live the day; count it off with a smile; minimizing the pain of longing with the emotional endorphins that result from feeling I have accomplished something!

Here's a little poem I wrote this morning:

I constantly make choices
Some insignificant, some great
And whether or not I sit or do
Each choice creates my fate

I can choose to settle or go far
Be hopeful or full of pity
The fact remains, no one to blame
(I wrote this little ditty)

SO! Let's choose to move time! Let's make some good choices, even if the choice seems small or insignificant! And let's enjoy all that we can on our way to our 'Destination in Time' :)

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