Friday, March 27, 2009

Sometimes, because of all the things we do in a day, all the responsibilities that are ours to manage, all the people that draw on us for encouragement, help, comfort, direction - we will find that the 'vessels' of our souls become empty. We pour out, and pour out in many different ways, in many different quantities, in many different directions and before we know it - if we're not paying attention - we become empty ourselves. There's no more in us to give. There are no more resources within us that even we might draw on ourselves.

It is also possible, that if we continue to try and 'pour out' from an empty vessel, the stress and heat from that kind of 'giving' will, in all likelihood, damage, crack and even destroy the vessel.

The vessel is meant to be an instrument of continuous infilling and outpouring; but, if there is no infilling, the outpouring will only go on so long without the effects becoming visible for all to see.

I have been there a few times. I know what its like to come to the end and be running on fumes.
I know what its like to have a damaged vessel because of its continued use and lack of care to see that it is replenished regularly.

How, then, do we fill the vessels of our souls?

Jesus said that He is the Living Water. If we come to Him, He promised that we would never thirst. He was saying that the vessel of our souls need never be empty - He will fill it as long as we come to Him for refilling. Obviously, that means we need to come to Him and spend time with Him allowing Him to fill us up again with renewed love, strength, wisdom, grace, hope. The most important way we refill the vessel is time alone with Him.

Other ways we can refill the vessels of our souls is to take the time to enjoy whatever it is that we simply enjoy! What hobby gives you pleasure? Where do you like to spend time - a hike?sitting on a park bench? taking photographs? playing an instrument? playing sports? painting?having time with friends? Whatever it is, be sure to allow yourself the time and freedom to enjoy it because it fills your soul!

One other way that we can refill the vessel of our souls, is to take care of our bodies. Good nutrition and even enjoying special foods on occasion, regular sleep, exercise - all these contribute to full and vibrant souls.

Can I encourage you, challenge you, to be mindful of the condition of the vessel of your soul? Check in with yourself and see if you are running on empty or is there a continuous inflow and outflow of cool, fresh thirst quenching Living Water? If not, take the vessel and dip it into the depths of His life, and pull up a vessel filled to overflowing with His love!

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