Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sequel to "An Honest Look"

On April 18th, I posted an entry in my blog called, "An Honest Look". In it, I vaguely described challenges we were going through with our 13-year-old daughter and two young adult sons (17 and 20yrs. old).

It was a very difficult time for my husband and I, because our family experience, up to that time, had been relatively peaceful and healthy. During the winter months, however, we felt like we’d been hit by a tornado. Family life was broken, painful and it was overwhelming to look at the damage and ‘clean up’...

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jane said...

May you be blessed beyond what you can imagine!! Your courage and love to share your struggles and weaknesses will inspire and give the same courage to others.

That your family come through to the other side, to me, is not a miracle but the evidence of the foundation with which Jeff and yourself built for your family in Christ Jesus. From the time Jeffrey entered your world, your values, integrity, and above all love were established. Through the years God was faithful to tweek and refine those very core values.

The woman I met years ago at the aglow retreat has truly come into full maturity and the fragrance of the wine is so enticing one cannot help but want to partake and savor such a fine wine. A wine that has been painstakingly and with greatest of love, been put through the winepress of intimacy by the hands of the Master Winermaker.

A priceless, outrageously rich, full bodied wine, that God has chosen to pour out, an endless supply coming forth, and I am so blessed to partake of it and in doing so, my life is so much the richer.