Wednesday, January 2, 2008

A Prayer


In all of Your goodness, be here.

In all of Your love and mercy, be here.

In all of Your light and truth, be here.

In all of Your strength and peace, be here.

Make plain Your heart,

Your will,

Your desires.

Give voice to the 'ones' that cry out for Your righteousness. Hold up a standard of truth. Still the 'dark ones' that whine for themselves. Expose their smallness, their lack of love.

Guard my friend. Keep her heart. Give her strength and courage to speak the truth and to decide rightly. Protect her from unnecessary compromise. Come to her aid. Let no evil come near her.

O God, my heart cries out for Your will to be done on earth as it is in heaven. I long to see Your life resonating in lives creating peace, joy, and love within them. I am so weary of the counterfeits and their distortions of life.

Please God. Please give my friend hope in Your will for her life. Let her see the goodness You want to pour out to her.

Cause her heart to hear Your voice of truth above her own voice,

above her circumstances,

above her fears,

above her giants.

Bless her with wisdom for every situation. Give her peace to take her time and think carefully. Silence the 'ones' that would pull her down, would confuse her thinking, rendering her hopeless.

Give her eyes to see through any act, any falsehood, any manipulation. Let her see what You see - the good and the bad.

Oh God, You alone know how much I long to see her life be everything You designed it to be. You alone know how to get her to that place of glorious freedom that You have created for her to live in and I agree with Your perfect will.

My hope is in You, Lord. You, alone, can keep my heart, and my friend's heart safe from the harm intended by evil.

I trust You,